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Community Groups

Community Groups are a vital part of the body of Christ at Mercy Village Church. We spend a very small part of our week gathered corporately for worship on Sundays and the vast majority of the week is spent scattered into the places we live, work, play, etc. (ground war). This is how the church has been since it began, gathering corporately on a regular basis but spending the bulk of their time scattered house to house, eating, praying, remembering, and living life together on mission for the sake of the gospel (Acts 2:42-47). Community Groups bring gospel-centered intentionality to our scattering. Community Group is a messy kind of beautiful. They are places where real life change is happening by the power of the gospel. 

Current Community Groups


Where: Via Zoom & at The Church Building
When: Friday Nights


Where: The Early House & Local Restaurants
When: Wednesdays at 6pm


Stafford / Boekell
Where: The Boekell House, Weiler House, and Church Building.
When: Wednesdays at 6pm

"The number of seats we fill will not determine the legacy of our churches. The depth to which the gospel penetrates those lives will determine our legacy… I want to see as many lives as possible saved and transformed by Jesus. My heart and conviction is that we can, and will, see lives transformed through authentic, gospel-centered community that is inspired by the power and wonder of God."
-Brad House

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