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About Us

Jesus is still building His church! In a million different ways and to the ends of the earth, He is working. This is good news! You have the joy of being able to invest your time, prayer, and resources in any of them you’re called to. This letter and packet come with a prayer that you will be led to invest a part of yourself in Mercy Village Church. At this moment, we are particularly in need of your prayers and your resources.

Back in 2012, we were on the verge of planting a church in Barboursville, WV. But God had different plans. Better plans. Eight years have passed for us since then. But God is so present, so faithful, and so kind in the waiting. And He has been building into our hearts the kind of grace we could have never imagined. We’ve been changed and then changed again. Transformed by the loving hand of our sovereign God. Grace upon grace upon grace.
But through it all, one thing has not left us. Today, more than ever, we believe God is calling us to live our lives out on mission in Barboursville, WV, for the glory of God and the fame of Jesus. And there is now an open door to plant Mercy Village Church. Some might be thinking, “it’s about time!” But we joyfully proclaim: “God’s timing is perfect!” Let’s do this.

One year ago, the wheels were set in motion to plant Mercy Village Church, and we are currently gathering as a small core-team of folks every Sunday in Barboursville. God has generously provided a low-cost space for us to meet in as we work towards building a core-team of around 40 adults. And now we are extending the opportunity for you to join us in the work that God is already doing.


Prayer is valuable beyond measure, and we’re not just saying that
because we know it is the “right thing to say.” We’re saying that because
we wholeheartedly believe it and because we desperately desire for you to join us in prayer regardless of how else you may or may not partner with us.


Donations will go to mobilize pastoral care and outreach events, cover rent and supplies, purchase needed equipment and resources, fund the part-time salary of Pastor Paul Boekell, seminary training, and meet other ministry needs for Mercy Village Church.

We’re inviting you to invest with us monthly in the work that God is doing in Barboursville, WV, through Mercy Village Church.
You can respond by clicking "give online" below or you can fill out the response form at the bottom of the page.

If monthly contributions are not an option, please consider giving a one-time donation. 


 $10,000 would cover a full-year of rent and expenses for our entire space (including kids and office spaces).


$5,000 would cover a full-year worth of rent and expenses for the downstairs portion of our space.


$2,000 would cover a full-semester of seminary for Pastor Paul.


$500 would mobilize an outreach event in the Village of Barboursville.


$250 covers a month worth of supplies for our Sunday gatherings.

Join Us

We're in the core-team building phase for a new church plant in Barboursville, WV.  We plan to launch publicly when we have around 40 fully committed core-team members. If you're local, we'd love for you to prayerfully consider joining the core-team of Mercy Village Church.

Or maybe your church can link arms with us in local outreach or some other type of partnership.

If you would like more info about joining the core-team, please let us know in the response form below.

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